lift the ban on political expression –
organize elections – step down

lift the ban on political expression – organize elections – step down

Editorial: Election Before Reconciliation

Last night, the leader of Thailand’s military junta announced that elections will not be held for at least another year. Until then, the first item on the military’s agenda is achieving “national reconciliation.”

The military is correct to note that Thailand’s society has become deeply divided in recent years. Some say the chasm is wider than ever before. Yet, the coup-makers are dangerously wrong to believe that several months of military propaganda is the antidote to Thailand’s political crisis.

Coup-leader Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha has not spelled out exactly what the next several months of national reconciliation will look like. But based on the past week, we have a pretty good idea.

Since seizing power on 22 May, the military has sought to silence anyone who is vocal about their political views. Hundreds of politicians, activists, and academics have been detained. The military says the goal is to give them time to “cool off.” Most detainees have been released, but all on the condition that they cannot participate in any political activities.

The military has also shut down politically-affiliated news outlets, blocked hundreds of websites, and forbid public demonstrations. Everyone in society has been warned against making any public comments, including anything posted on social media, which undermine the military’s mission.

The military appears to believe that if it can just get everyone to stop talking about their political differences, people will forget they have them. This couldn’t be more wrong.

The political issues that have driven Thais apart are real, and they will not magically disappear just because people are forbidden from discussing them. If anything, banning public dialogue will likely radicalize dissidents and widen the divide.

If the military continues on this course, Thailand’s political conflict may be temporarily shelved, but it will almost certainly come back to haunt the country in an even stronger and more militant form.

In addition, the military’s reconciliation efforts will fail to unify Thais as long the coup-makers unabashedly favor one side of the political divide.

Last night, Gen. Prayuth revealed that the military’s “roadmap” for Thailand is identical to what the leader of the anti-government movement, Suthep Thaugsuban, was fighting for all along: reform before elections.

History tells us that these reforms will likely be aimed at making Thailand’s electoral process less democratic, in an effort to marginalize the influence of the largely rural masses whose votes have determined the winner of every election since 2001.

As long as the junta pursues the platform of the former anti-government protesters, national reconciliation will never be achieved. It is impossible to create unity by imposing the self-serving program of an elite minority on the rest of the country.

The only way to achieve true reconciliation is to treat both sides of the conflict equally. In political terms, this means allowing Thais to solve their differences through the ballot box.

We urge the military to lift its ban on political expression and organize elections as soon as possible. That way, all Thais can play a role in the reconciliation process.

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the democrat(s) and the dictator

the democrat and the dictator

First the bad news …

Junta Promises Election After Year of ‘Reconciliation’ and ‘Reform’

In a televised address last night, Gen. Prayuth explained his three-phase “roadmap” for Thailand, following last week’s military coup d’etat and dissolution of the civilian government.

The first phase involves “2-3 months” of military-led efforts to “reconcile” Thai society, which has become radically polarised amidst the political tumult that has rocked the country on-and-off for the past eight years. To achieve the ambitious goal of healing these divisions, the military will form local “reconcilation centres” across the country and convene a council dedicated to the “reconciliation” mission, Gen. Prayuth said.

The reconciliation effort will not award amnesty to those involved in the political violence that preceded the military’s takeover, the army chief added.

After nationwide “reconciliation” is achieved, the military junta will set up an interim government and reform council to revise the constitution and solve problems of “all aspects.”

After reconciliation and reforms are completed, there will be an election “under a genuine democratic regime,” the army chief said.

Let me translate that for you …

In a televised address last night, Gen. Prayuth explained his three-phase “roadmap” for Thailand, following last week’s military coup d’etat and dissolution of the civilian government.

The first phase involves “2-3 months” of military-led efforts to “punish” Thai society, which has become radically polarised amidst the political tumult that has rocked the country on-and-off for the past eight years … brought about by the last tank coup by the Royal Thai Army in 2006. To achieve the ambitious goal of healing these divisions, the military will form local “concentration camps” across the country and convene a council dedicated to the “punishment” mission, Gen. Prayuth said.

The punishment effort will not award amnesty to those involved in the political violence that preceded the military’s takeover, the army chief added. Amnesty is, as always, reserved for the treasonous mutineers and assassins of the Royal Thai Army, for their coups and their massacres of the Thai people.

After nationwide “punishment” is achieved, the military junta will set up an interim government and reform council to revise the constitution and solve problems of “all aspects.” After reform, those elected to parliament by the people will be reduced to figureheads exercising no real power. Real power will be exercised by cronies and captives of the Royal Thai Army.

After punishment and reforms are completed, there will be an election “under a genuine democratic regime,” the army chief said. Under an “Absolute Democratic” regime … a totalitarian regime put in place by the Royal Thai Army over which is draped a mantle bearing the word ‘Democratic’.

Now the good news! Competing with Prayuth’s nightmare forecast is a real democratic alternative …

Fugitive Activist To Announce Surprise Protest Site

A fugitive anti-coup activist is urging supporters to prepare for a cat-and-mouse chase with security forces in a major protest planned for Sunday.

Earlier this week, Sombat Boonngarm-anong, aka “the Dotted Editor,” announced plans for a large anti-coup rally at Ratchaprasong Intersection in the heart of Bangkok’s financial district on Sunday.

However, Mr. Sombat said today that he will announce a new location for the protest by 10 am tomorrow morning in order to evade security forces, who have been locking down on other anti-coup rally sites.

Since seizing power in a coup d’etat on 22 May, the military has outlawed public demonstrations of more than five people.

On Thursday and Friday, hundreds of soldiers and riot police sealed off Victory Monument in a massive show of force to prevent the anti-coup rallies that had become a daily occurrence.

Media reports indicate that a similar lockdown may be in store for tomorrow to block Mr. Sombat’s rally. The BTS has reportedly announced that it will suspend service to three Skytrain stations around Ratchaprasong Intersection from 9 am tomorrow until further notice.

This morning, Mr. Sombat advised protesters to closely monitor the situation on social media and be prepared to adapt quickly.

Mr. Sombat has billed the protest as a “Fancy Masquerade,” urging supporters to arrive at the yet-to-be-designated protest site with masks bearing the faces of prominent political figures, such as ousted former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and head of the military junta Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha.

Mr. Sombat has been actively voicing his opposition to the military junta and organising protests on social media since he went into hiding last week after receiving a summons order from the National Council of Peace and Order.

After learning of the summons, Mr. Sombat posted on social media that he would not bow down to the NCPO’s command.

“Catch me if you can!” Mr. Sombat wrote on his Facebook.

The military has since freezed Mr. Sombat’s bank accounts and warned that he will face a trial in martial court and a punishment of several years in prison for defying the summons.

Mr. Sombat was also an active campaigner against the last military coup in September 2006, when he a co-founded the 19 Sep Network Against Coup D’etat. He later split from the network and founded his own group, “Thais Say No,” whose members adopted red shirts as their trademark, preceding today’s Redshirt movement by a year.

Speaking to Khaosod English from hiding, Mr. Sombat said he believes the ongoing protests against the NCPO have the potential to be successful, but stressed that it is too soon to tell.

Phuea Thai and the UDD have totally caved in and are now the house-pets of the Royal Thai Army.

It is good that they have finally come out of the closet and shown themselves as the utter frauds that they are.

Now people who believe in democracy but hate the Shinawatra machine and everything it stands for can join in with Sombat and other freewheeling democrats and do what has to be done to restore – to inaugurate actually – democracy in Thailand : writing a real peoples’ constitution that puts all power in the hands of the people, that delegates what seems appropriate to the representative government, and that provides for electing a parliament without interference from any court or election commission.

With the collapse of the UDD we must lead ourselves

go democrats! it’ll be a long haul

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he has seen the enemy … and it is him

abu huraira al-amriki

US officials confirm American citizen was involved in Syria attack

US officials have confirmed that an American citizen fighting along with Takfiri insurgents in Syria was killed in a bomb attack in the northern province of Idlib.

The officials declined to identify the citizen, but sources near to al-Nusra Front militants said the American man went by the name of Abu Huraira al-Amriki.

The New York Times reported Wednesday that the man was involved in a truck bombing.

A video was circulated on the Internet showing insurgents loading tank shells into a large vehicle that had been armored with metal plates. In the video, there is a large explosion after the vehicle drives down a road, the Times said.

This is the first time the US government admits involvement of an American citizen in such terrorist attacks in Syria, where foreign-backed insurgents have been fighting the Syrian government forces.

US intelligence officials say more than 70 Americans have so far traveled to Syria, mainly to fight the Syrian government. The conflict in the country has become a magnet for Western extremists.

The report has raised the alarm in the US and its Western allies about the homecoming of these militants to carry out terrorist attacks.

The attack first surfaced on Tuesday in Twitter messages from the Nusra Front.

This is Obama trying to convince us all that he’s ‘right’ to assassinate Americans he considers ‘terrorists’ … and their 16 year old sons. He’s not right. He’s a murderer.

What do you call a man who funds terrorism in Libya, Syria – probably paid Abu Huraira’s airfare and training – and the Ukraine and who authorizes drone assassinations of ‘suspects’ all over the world? A terrorist.

barack obama, terrorist in chief, showing off his license to kill
we have seen the enemy … and it is him

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the terrorist in chief vows to increase support
for Syrian militants

The Terrorist in Chief and Brutal Dictator and Assassin of Syrians, Ukrainians, Yemenis, et. al.
belongs in the Big House, not the Whitehouse

Obama officially defines the role of the US … as worldwide aggressor.

President Obama’s remarks at West Point

Think about it. Our military has no peer. The odds of a direct threat against us by any nation are low, and do not come close to the dangers we faced during the Cold War.

Here’s my bottom line: America must always lead on the world stage. … The military that you have joined is, and always will be, the backbone of that leadership.

[T]he United States will use military force, unilaterally if necessary, when our core interests demand it.

For the foreseeable future, the most direct threat to America at home and abroad remains terrorism.

[A]s we move to a train and advise mission in Afghanistan, our reduced presence there allows us to more effectively address emerging threats in the Middle East and North Africa.

I made a decision that we should not put American troops into the middle of this increasingly sectarian war … But that does not mean we shouldn’t help the Syrian people stand up …

I’m announcing today, we will step up our efforts to support Syria’s neighbors: Jordan and Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq, as they contend with refugees and confront terrorists working across Syria’s borders. I will work with Congress to ramp up support for those in the Syrian opposition …

Let me make one final point about our efforts against terrorism … When we have actionable intelligence, that’s what we do … drone strikes, like those we’ve carried out in Yemen and Somalia.

We have to be able to explain them publicly … I will increasingly turn to our military to take the lead and provide information to the public about our efforts.

I believe in American exceptionalism with every fiber of my being. [W]hat makes us exceptional is … our actions.

So the United States is and remains the one indispensable nation. It has been true for the century passed, and will likely be true for the century to come.

America does not simply stand for stability or the absence of conflict … no matter what the cost.

The Terrorist in Chief and Brutal Assassin of Syrians, Ukrainians, Yemenis, et. al. belongs in the Big House, not the Whitehouse. Who’s gonna put him there?

We’re the only ones here.

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Thailand in the 1950’s and 60’s is not the same
as Thailand today

Thailand in the 1950’s and 60’s is not the same as Thailand today

This is an aggressive and arrogant coup

Generalissimo Prayut’s behaviour reminds us of the old dictator Field Marshal Sarit Tanarat, one of the most brutal and corrupt Prime Ministers in Thai history. Sarit was in the power from 1958 to 1963. He died of cirrhosis of the liver and had hundreds of wives. After his death a committee was set up to retrieve the millions that he had stolen from the nation. Throughout his time as dictator, he issued many stupid decrees, but more importantly he ordered gangster and drug dealers who were encroaching on his own interests to be summarily executed without trial. Some executions were carried out in public. Socialist and Communists were also killed.

Generalissimo Prayut may dream that he is the Supreme Leader. He may dream of bringing in a New Order police state. But his dreams are starting to fall apart. Throughout the first few days after the coup there have been spontaneous anti-military protests by hundreds of people in Bangkok and other cities. Some protests attracted a couple of thousand people. Soldiers have often been berated by middle-aged women. On more than one occasion soldiers have been forced to retreat in the face of angry crowds. The majority of Thailand’s 70 million strong population are totally opposed to the junta and have shown this in repeated elections.

Pro-democracy activists are organising to protest again on 1st of June 2014 at Ratchapasong and people keep returning to gather at the Victory Monument.

It takes immense courage to defy a military junta and stand in front of armed soldiers. In 2010 General Prayut ordered the killing of nearly 90 redshirt demonstrators who were demanding democratic elections after a judicial coup. The hope is that this movement will grow and will reach out to the organised working class. But this will take time. It may well be a case of “two steps forward, one step back”. The junta will not be overthrown over night.

Thai Student Center for Democracy’s Official Statement

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have the CIA and their boy B’Ob shot off both our feet?

china to all others, left to right and

American Foreign Policy, the Dollar and Putin’s Pivot

It is more than ironic that with an economically unsustainable $17 trillion debt, the US continues to overreach itself with assorted political threats and untenable military adventures as it dares to challenge Russia, the world’s leading energy producer and China, its largest creditor, in a dangerous duel for dominance.

Not previously known as historic political allies with more of a remote association in the past, their new politico-economic alliance has motivated Russia and China, via mutual threats from the US, to identify the benefits of a mutual partnership – which has already begun to boomerang on the US unipolar vision of the world.

While the Obama Administration will never admit it, the agreement between Russia-China for a strategically-located pipeline which will transport 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas to ‘clean’ energy-starved China worth $400 billion, represents a mega-significant shift in US plans for total global authority and that the President’s risky military policies have provided a window of opportunity for a new geopolitical axis independent of US influence.

Of special interest is the agreement between the VTB, Russia’s second largest bank and the Bank of China to pay all financial interactions in local currency while establishing a bilateral Committee on Investment Cooperation. The assortment of more than 40 contracts expected to increase trade between Russia and China at an estimated $200 billion includes a cross-border rail bridge with an estimated annual traffic of 21 million tons, is in addition to a proposed $30 billion Russia to India pipeline via China, ‘gas swaps’ for goods and electricity as well as a $10 billion Russia-Iran deal for new thermal and hydroelectric plants and the export of electricity to Iran – none of which will be paid for by the dollar.


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then they came for chaturon …

first they came for yingluck, and I didn’t speak out -
  because I was not a shinawatra
then they came for tai and joop, and I didn’t speak out -
  because I was not a prueksakasemsuk -
then they came for chaturon, and I didn’t speak out -
  because I was not a chaisaeng
then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.

Minister of ousted Thai government arrested in media spotlight

Bangkok (dpa) – A former minister in Thailand’s ousted government was arrested in front of more than 100 foreign journalists and photographers Tuesday, after openly defying a summons by the country’s military rulers to turn himself in.

A dozen soldiers and police escorted former education minister Chaturon Chaisaeng out of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand (FCCT) shortly after he challenged the military government that seized power on Thursday.

“I am willing to be arrested and to defend myself in court,” Chaturon told a packed audience at the FCCT minutes before his arrest.

He faces up to two years in jail for defying a Friday summons to turn himself in within 24 hours.

Chaturon, a senior member of the Pheu Thai party that led the former government, called the coup an “abrogation of democracy” that was likely to lead to further conflicts rather than restore order as the army intended.

“I think the intention of the coup makers is to keep power for a long time,” Chaturon said.

  “But they will face a lot of resistance from the Thai people and the international community.”

Hundreds of anti-coup protesters staged demonstrations in Bangkok over the weekend, leading to tense standoffs with troops.

I guess the Sovereign Body was burning bright, at all 15 Watts, when he decided to arrest the education minister of the last legitimate, elected government of Thailand – at a press party.

It is certainly the case that any one man seizing all power in the country is a disaster for Thailand.

It is doubly disastrous that this particular loose cannon is rolling around the decks, firing at random, making as much noise as he can, acting as outlandishly and outrageously as he can, calling as much attention as possible to himself and so to the sorry, sorry state of Thailand as he is able.

But maybe that last will be a good thing … maybe it will shorten his term at the helm of his Thousand Year Reich to days rather than weeks or months.

The way things go in Thailand though, it will be another coup d’etat that removes this one. I imagine the leanest and most ruthless outsiders among the 2,000 plus Royal Thai Army generals are sharpening their knives … I wonder if the keepers of the seal will be as willing to deliver up HM the King’s signature for the next one.

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“There have been many coups in Thailand.
This isn’t the first time.”

“There have been many coups in Thailand. This isn’t the first time.”
as though that were a good thing

Despite Army Officer’s Fiery Rants, Anti-Coup Protest Largely Peaceful

BANGKOK – Anti-coup protesters staged another largely peaceful demonstration at Victory Monument in Bangkok today, despite one military officer’s attempt to rile the crowd with a provocative diatribe.

Speaking from an army humvee fitted with a loudspeaker, a military officer accused the protesters of being paid by their organisers, and urged the foreign media covering the demonstration to go home because they don’t understand Thailand.

“There have been many coups in Thailand. This isn’t the first time,” the unnamed soldier told the foreign press.

“The foreign correspondents are scroundels. They are here to sell Thailand.”

“The military is here to maintain order and ensure safety for the people, whereas the protesters are here to cause trouble. They cause traffic jams that affect the public … [affected citizens] should come look at these damn protesters … who don’t want our country to be peaceful.”

The arrival of of pro-coup protesters on the scene added to the rally’s already-tense atmosphere. The group was led by Cpt. Songklot Chuenchoopol, a military officer known for his activism against the former government.

The pro-coup group shouted verbal abuses at the anti-coup protesters and instigated several heated arguments. However, no violence broke out, and Cpt. Songklot disappeared from the protest shortly after the military loudspeaker started berating the anti-coup crowd.

Despite the military officer’s accusations, our correspondents at the scene found no evidence of protesters being paid. In fact, the anti-coup demonstrations that have cropped up around the city since the military staged a coup d’etat last Thursday appear to lack a clear leader or organising force. The Facebook page “People Have Had Enough,” which was behind earlier protests at the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre (BACC), said today that it has asked supporters to suspend activities for “1-2 days” to monitor the situation.

However, a fugitive activist, Sombat Boonngarm-anong, has already called for another major anti-coup rally at Ratchaprasong Intersection in Bangkok on 1 June.

“…the protesters are here to cause trouble. They cause traffic jams that affect the public … [affected citizens] should come look at these damn protesters … who don’t want our country to be peaceful…”

Where were the soldiers while the junta’s pals, the PCAD, ran amuk in the city for 6 long months?! and with the connivance of the Koup-appointed anti-election commission disrupted the election of 2 February!? Holding their coats, that’s where.

“There have been many coups in Thailand. This isn’t the first time.” As though that were a good thing. Like the monsoon.

The soldiers standing behind this raving lunatic need to put down their weapons, to refuse to harass, to intimidate, to kill their brothers and sisters … again … for the sake of the power-drunk ‘elite’ and their perpetual abuse.

Go home soldiers! Thailand is your home.

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everyone has got to be wondering what they’ve done with
HM the King

HM King Endorses Coup Leader Without Attending Ceremony

BANGKOK — Army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha was royally endorsed as the leader of the country, although His Majesty the King, who is 86 and unwell, did not attend the ceremony in person.

An official royal gazette was released confirming Gen. Prayuth’s endorsement after a ceremony this morning at the Army Club in Bangkok’s Theves district.

Reporters were not allowed to view the ceremony.

Are they kidding? Do they expect anyone to believe that they didn’t just pen their own little note, sign it ‘the King’, and hand it out to the now state-controlled media of Thailand for dissemination to the ‘waiting’ masses?

I mean, I was born at night – but not last night. And I think that most Thais will not accept this either – the whole question of HM the King’s ‘traditionally’ propounded ability to wash dictators and make them clean aside.

Even (especially!) the hardcore royalists have got to be holding their noses at this, Prayuth’s … Junta Leader To Hold Power ‘Indefinitely’ … self-coronation. Everyone has got to be wondering what they’ve done with HM the King.

Not even the British Tories are buying it …

Surveying the Wreckage of Thailand’s Monarchy

The 86-year-old King Bhumibol Adulyadej, it is reported, has given royal assent to the latest military coup. But, we are told, the king was not actually present at the ceremony and no word has been forthcoming from his lips. It is hard not to come to the conclusion that the long-ailing monarch is so surrounded by courtiers that he has a limited grasp of what has been going on, or is simply too weak to make decisions and put himself at the head of a process of compromise within a democratic formula.

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insult to injury

why can’t you help us out? cooperate in your degradation and debasement!

Thai Anti-Coup Protesters Continue to Defy Martial Law

Thailand’s junta warned people not to join protests.

“We want to create confidence in Thailand’s stability in the eyes of the international community,” National Peace and Order Maintaining Council spokesman Colonel Winthai Suwaree said in a televised broadcast.

So … why can’t you help us out? Cooperate in your degradation and debasement! Talk about adding insult to injury … Winthai seems to have been born with a silver foot in his mouth.

Mass resistance to the coup smashes political myths

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even a blind pig sometimes finds an acorn

prayuth – odierno – kirby

US Cancels Military Exercises in Thailand After Coup U.S. general calls Thai army chief, urges return to ‘democratic principles’

“It is important that the Royal Thai Armed Forces end this coup and restore to the people of Thailand both the principles and the process of democratic rule, including a clear path forward to elections,” Pentagon press secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby said in Washington.

“As we have made clear, it is important that the Royal Thai Armed Forces end this coup and restore to the people of Thailand both the principles and the process of democratic rule, including a clear path forward to elections.”

How to figure this … ? Our US government doesn’t give a damn about democracy … look at Palestine, look at the Ukraine … look at the USA!

So what’s in it for them? And … assuming that they want to be on the ‘winning side’ … they apparently have concluded that Prayuth & Co. are losers.

Hey … they might have figured out which way the wind does blow in Thailand … they did used to own the government here. But why a ‘clear path forward to elections’, why not ‘elections’? Because they’re trying to build some ‘democratic’ scaffolding around some ‘elite reform’? Can you tell I don’t trust any of these ‘players’?

Please do note that it is the effin’ Pentagon and not the State Department, its wholly owned subsidiary, that’s talking foreign policy. Foreign policy is just War by different means.

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the treasonous mutineer arrests the elected Prime Minister

from Matichon and the good old days
before the latest treasonous mutiny
is he holding her for ransom

Former PM Yingluck May Be Detained For ’3-7 Days’

BANGKOK – Former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinwatra may be detained by the military for at least “3-7 days,” reports say.

So … I guess PM Yingluck has been kidnapped and the goons in uniform are going to demand a ransom? There is no law in Thailand. The gangsters are in charge.

He throwed her on the railroad tracks!

Said Snidely Whipsnade to poor Belle

If you don’t give me the deed to your ranch,
  I’m gonna throw you on the railroad tracks ..

And then … ?
  And then he grabbed her!

And then … ?
  He tie-e-e-d her up!

And then … ?
  He throwed her on the railroad tracks!

And then … ?
  The tra-a-a-in started comin’!

And then, and then … ?

A… A… Along came Sombat …
  tall, thin Sombat …
slow walkin’ Sombat …
  slow talkin’ Sombat …
Along came long, lean, lanky Bor Kor Lai Jud!

And friends! the people of Thailand, who are all just saying … Hell No!

Protesters Confront Soldiers In Downtown Bangkok

BANGKOK – The army has reportedly detained four protesters who were part of a 300-strong anti-coup rally in downtown Bangkok today.

International Scholars of Thai Studies Condemn Coup

BANGKOK – Thai studies academics from around the world have condemned the Royal Thai Army’s military coup and called for an immediate return to constitutional rule.

Media curbs fail to stem dissent

Anti-coup rally on streets, social media

From Matichon via Bangkok Post via PPT, How Prayuth took power. Complete with Abhisit’s nah-nah-ya-nah-nah : ‘I told you so’ when Chaikasem has done the only thing he could have done … refused to resign.

Abhisit sounds just as though he had the inside track … from ‘daddy’.


Activists ordered to report to the Junta of Treasonous Mutineers

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just do it

you can have elections – or an [anti-]election commission – or yet another coup government
take your pick

it’s official …

After the meeting Prayuth was dissatisfied … he turned over the table, tore up the 2006 coup’s substitution for the Constitution, and announced his ‘new, improved’ illegitimate – but hey! we got the guns – junta. It’s officially groundhog day once again in Thailand.

The only way out in Thailand, in the USA, the world around is direct action. To be sovereign we the people must first accept ourselves as sovereign. Then it’s easy … just putting one foot in front of the other. Marching to the freedom land …

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Next Election May Take Place ’1-2 Years’ From Now

“The [anti-]Election Commission insisted at the meeting that an election is still the solution to the country,” Mr. Somchai said in a press conference today.

“It’s just we have to wait for the right moment, so that the [anti-]election takes place in peaceful and orderly manner, and a universally-accepted government can be formed after the [anti-]election.”

“We have presented two solutions,” said [anti-]Election Commissioner Somchai Srisutthiyakorn.

“One option is a quick arrangement of [anti-]elections five months from now … and the other option is an [anti-]election in one or two years from now.”

A new poll was recently scheduled for 20 July, but efforts to officially confirm the date with a royal decree have stalled.

The King signed the decree for the election to be held on 2 February. Working as the team they are the Royal Thai Army, the [anti-]Election Commission, the 2006 Koup-appointed Konstitutional Kourt, and the usual array of Democrat Party thugs and goons and assassins in the streets nullified the King’s decree,

In just ten days they will have delayed an election for 4 long months – already. The parliament will have been dissolved with the government hobbled in caretaker mode – “where is the government”, taunted the treasonous mutineer in chief just yesterday – for 6 long months already.

It is clear that the 2006 Koup’s [anti-]Election Commission has done/is doing/will do everything in its power to prevent the will of the people from prevailing.

The Thai people need simply to organize and hold the election on their own, village by village – ban by ban.

Elections are not rocket science :

1. Acquire a supply of plain indistinquishable envelopes and ballot papers such that

  a. a ballot may be marked by a voter with the name of her/his preferred representative or his/her preferred position on the initiative/referendum in question,
  b. the ballot may be folded, inserted and sealed in a standard, unmarked envelope, and
  c. the unmarked envelope may be inserted and sealed into a standard marked envelope identifying the voter whose ballot is within.

2. After all votes have been cast, one crew of local voters publicly

  a. verifies the voters whose names appear on the outer envelopes, and
  b. removes from the envelopes of verified voters the identical, unmarked inner envelopes containing their ballots, and stores them in plain sight.
  b. makes a list of the names of voters who cast votes in the election, and saves all the original outer envelopes for future reference.

3. After all voters and ballots have been verified and the inner, unmarked envelopes containing their ballots collected, a second crew of local voters publicly

  a. mixes – disorders- the unopened inner envelopes containing the voters’ ballots,
  b. opens and tallies the representatives/referendum/initiative who/which received votes, saving the original ballots for recount,
  c. posts the totals of the votes and reports them to the next level in the constituency.

Following such a straight-forward procedure the will of the people may be made known and a government instituted among the men and women of Thailand … or of the USA, or anywhere else on planet earth.

First directly populate the parliament and then directly write a new, People’s Constitution for Thailand. Elections – politics – are not rocket science. Just do it.

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The Thai coup-d’etat of 2014 is done

Prayuth Chan-ocha coup master of the 2014 coup : the Supreme Commander, the Navy Commander, the Air Force Commander and the National Police Chief form the junta, the latest in thailand’s long line of treasonous mutineers.
Their coup is held in celebration of the fourth anniversary of Prayuth’s glorious bangkok massacre of 2010
wherein, by dint of all the weapons at their disposal, the Royal Thai Army managed
to murder 90+ ordinary, unarmed thais seeking … an election.

22 May – a little later in the afternoon

Prayuth and his sidekicks
the National Peace and Order Maintainance Council (NPOMC)
the treasonous mutineers of 2014

“The National Peace and Order Maintainance Council has taken power on May 22, at 4:30 pm” (1130 GMT), Prayuth said.

Generals throwing a coup in Thailand is dog bites man. For man bites dog, see ..

Academics Defy Military Orders, Protest Coup

“Go home, brave soldiers. The people are going to vote,”

22 May

21 May – done … but can yet be undone

Revoke Martial Law

Direct military intervention rarely ends well in Thailand. The fact that Gen. Prayuth decided to impose the martial law on the 4th anniversary of the unrest in 2010 – in which more than 90 people were killed in the clashes between the army and Redshirt protesters – is particularly uncouth. One can only wonder whether the military has learned its lesson.

It is not too late for Gen. Prayuth to step back from the brink and repeal the draconian state of martial law.

The unconstitutionality and illegality of the promulgation of martial law

General Prayuth Chan-ocha, the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Army, signed Announcement No. 1/2557 [2014] of the Royal Thai Army, on the matter of the promulgatเon of the Martial Law Act, on 20 May 2557 [2014]. Following examination, it is the view of the Khana Nitirat that the aforementioned announcement of the Royal Thai Army is unconstitutional and illegal …

[I]n order to dispel the argument of whether or not the aforementioned promulgation of martial law has legal force, and in order to dispel confusion among civil servants and officials of the government, and also ordinary individuals, about whether or not they must follow the Announcements of the Royal Thai Army, the Khana Nitirat proposes therefore for a responsible Minister to present a draft of a Royal Command to Revoke Announcement No. 1/2557 [2014] of the Royal Thai Army to His Royal Highness the King for his signature in order to revoke the promulgation of martial law in line with Article 5 of the Martial Law Act of 1914.

… can yet be undone … and plainly must be.

I was minding my own business … checked the news and discovered that General Prayuth has thrown the twenty-somethingth Thai coup-d’etat. He says “it’s not a coup” … of course. It’s a coup.

coup number twenty-something, leader : Prayuth Chan-ocha

“Why does the army listen to the demands of the minority of people but not to the majority who want elections? I think they came out just to give a ladder for Suthep Thaugsuban (PCAD secretary general) to climb down,”

–Ms Mulan, 50, a red-shirt supporter from Min Buri

Update: Mixed reaction to martial law

The filth that masquerades as senators and academics

Smells like a coup, tastes like a coup, looks like a coup

The same ‘middle class’ who supported the coup of 2006 support the coup of 2014, including the ‘filth that masquerades as senators and academics’.

Everyday is groundhog’s day in Thailand, as ever … human rights in danger under martial law. What can the Army do under Martial Law?

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whoever put up the dough … can afford the joke

whoever put up the dough … can afford the joke

Redshirts Place 5 Million Baht Bounty On Suthep

[T]he bounty will be immediately rewarded to anyone who can bring about the arrest of Mr. Suthep, who is currently wanted by the police for insurrection charges.

Hmmm … gross percapita income in Thailand is in the range of 125kilobaht/year … so 5megabaht is … 40 years of the average Thai’s wages!

But there are people who can afford to throw away 5megabaht on a joke … because it is a joke. The Royalist ‘elite’ are never arrested … they never do time! The law, crime, jail … all that is for poor people!

If the cops do contrive to arrest Suthep and collect the dough … the Koup-appointed Kangaroo Kourts will set him free in a Bangkok second! It will be Yet Another Scam To Grab The Dough.

The cops … and Suthep … will laugh all the way to the bank. And whoever put up the dough knows that … and can afford the joke.

No, it’s living well … freely, with an elected government … that is the best revenge.

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a free, fair and democratic election is the only way out

Somchai Srisuthiyakorn, [anti-]Election Commissioner and director of the [anti-]EC’s [anti-]election organisation department, wais orange-robed thug Buddha Issara, the godfather of the PCAD ‘popcorn vendors’ and other assorted extortionists, thugs and assassins

[anti-]Election Commissioner Angered By Pro-Election Lecture

The agency responsible for organising [anti-]elections in Thailand has threatened disciplinary action against state-owned Channel 11 for broadcasting a lecture about the need to hold elections.

“I will have the [anti-]Election Commission ([anti-]EC) formally ask the Minister who oversees Channel 11 about the broadcast … to determine who ordered the broadcast, and how much money has been spent in the process,”

said Somchai Srisuthiyakorn, [anti-]Election Commissioner and director of the [anti-]EC’s [anti-]election organisation department.

Thailand on the brink of civil war

The royalists’ reliance on the military or fear of the draconian lese majesty law – which forbids offending the royal family and is punishable with up to 15 years in prison – will likely backfire. In fact, signs of this are already emerging. Resentment with the royalists and the monarchy has evidently increased on social media, and the number of charges under the lese majesty law spiked in the past few years.

The royalists hope the appointment of an unelected prime minister by the king would quell possible unrest. But doing so would validate a widespread belief that the palace was in fact behind the ongoing scheme all along.

This puts the future of the monarchy in jeopardy. Since the late 1970s, the king’s charisma has been the linchpin of stability in Thailand. But overreach by the royalists has brought the monarchy’s legitimacy into question.

Not long ago, it was unimaginable to even ponder the demise of Thailand’s monarchy. If it comes to an end, the royalist conservatives will only have themselves to blame.

A free, fair and democratic election is the only way out of the current turmoil.

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it’s always groundhog day in thailand

luckily, there have always been thais who rise to the occasion …

Black May group calls for poll by August

A group of Black May 1992 activists has proposed that elections be held by August, with a possible parallel referendum to decide if there should be a people’s council to advance national reform.

Anusorn Tamajai, chairman of the Democratic Heroes Foundation, said timely elections that were free and fair would help prevent political violence that could lead to military intervention.

He said there was no time to lose as the economy had suffered damage of more than 500 billion baht from the protracted protests.

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time to reflect on our collective actions?
time, perhaps, to change our M.O.?

‘spreading democracy’ – the gift that keeps on killing

Iraq Army Kill Scores, Bombers Wound Dozens; 210 Killed, 120 Wounded

Thursday 15 May: 39 killed

Baghdad: 22 killed by bombs, gunfire.
Yusufiya: 5 family members by gunfire.
Falluja: 4 by shelling.
Mosul: 2 family members by gunfire.
Alksr: 1 by gunfire.
Qayyarah: 1 policeman by IED.
Al Zab: 2 by gunfire.
Hit: 1 by gunfire.
Baquba: 1 government employee by gunfire.


So it goes. Our Great, Beneficent Country – the United States of America – We’re Number One! … invades your country, kills – hundreds of thousands to millions of your people – then packs up, leaves, and never looks back. Figures it did you a favor.

Think the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Afghanistan, Iraq …

Time to reflect on our collective actions?
Time to ‘notice’ our crimes?
Time to change our M.O.?

Sam Smith, via globalresearch, sent me to, where I found that 90% of All Deaths In War Are Civilians, and the U.S. Launched 201 Out of the 248 Armed Conflicts Since the End of WWII

Militarism is intercalated into many aspects of life in the United States and, since the military draft was eliminated, makes few overt demands of the public except the costs in taxpayer funding. Its expression, magnitude, and implications have become invisible to a large proportion of the civilian population, with little recognition of the human costs or the negative image held by other countries. Militarism has been called a ‘psychosocial disease,’ making it amenable to population-wide interventions. . . .

“The United States is responsible for 41% of the world’s total military spending. The next largest in spending are China, accounting for 8.2%; Russia, 4.1%; and the United Kingdom and France, both 3.6%. . . . If all military . . . costs are included, annual [US] spending amounts to $1 trillion . . . . According to the DOD fiscal year 2012 base structure report, ‘The DOD manages global property of more than 555,000 facilities at more than 5,000 sites, covering more than 28 million acres.’ The United States maintains 700 to 1000 military bases or sites in more than 100 countries. . . .

“In 2011 the United States ranked first in worldwide conventional weapons sales, accounting for 78% ($66 billion). Russia was second with $4.8 billion. . . .

“In 2011-2012, the top-7 US arms producing and service companies contributed $9.8 million to federal election campaigns. Five of the top-10 [military] aerospace corporations in the world (3 US, 2 UK and Europe) spent $53 million lobbying the US government in 2011. . . .

“The main source of young recruits is the US public school system, where recruiting focuses on rural and impoverished youths, and thus forms an effective poverty draft that is invisible to most middle- and upper-class families. . . . In contradiction of the United States’ signature on the Optional Protocol on the Involvement of Children in Armed Conflict treaty, the military recruits minors in public high schools, and does not inform students or parents of their right to withhold home contact information. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is given in public high schools as a career aptitude test and is compulsory in many high schools, with students’ contact information forwarded to the military, except in Maryland where the state legislature mandated that schools no longer automatically forward the information.”

Is that OK with you? Or maybe it is time for a change?

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they no longer pretend to be anything other than
the common criminals they are

BO’b and Biden & Son – Devon Archer

US Vice President Biden’s son, Kerry fundraiser take positions with Ukrainian gas firm

The younger son of Vice President Joseph Biden has taken the position of member of the board of directors and legal adviser to Burisma Holdings Ltd., the largest private natural gas production company in Ukraine. Hunter Biden joins another American who recently became a director of the firm, Devon Archer, a top fundraiser for Secretary of State John Kerry during Kerry’s 2004 presidential bid and the college roommate of Kerry’s stepson.

They no longer pretend to be anything other than the common criminals they are.

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most american ‘citizens’ increasingly behave as ‘subjects’

richard falk

Citizens versus Subjects in a Democratic Society: The American Case

I have long felt that most American ‘citizens’ increasingly behave as ‘subjects,’ blithely acting as if a love of country is exhibited more by obedience than conscience.

In my view the opportunity to be a citizen is a precious reality, a byproduct of past struggles.

Genuine citizenship remains possible in the United States, but has become marginal, and is not much in evidence these days. I am identifying the citizen as an ethically sensitive and responsible member of a political community, most significantly of a sovereign state.

In contrast, the subject conceives of upright standing in a political community by the willingness to go along with the group and to obey the directives of government and those exercising formal authority.

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