Egypt, Bahrain, and Thailand

Egyptian troops, Bahraini troops. and Thai troops all slay the people

What do Egypt, Bahrain, and Thailand have in common?

The Egyptian Constitutional Court has just ruled “parliament must be dissolved and that former regime figures must be allowed to hold political office”.

The Thai Constitutional Court has just ruled that parliament must end its session without its third reading of a bill to amend the Royal Thai Army’s charter, substituted for the Thai Constitution by the Royal Thai Army’s coup of 2006.

The court in Bahrain has convicted doctors of the ‘crime’ of seeing to the wounds of Bahrainis inflicted by the Royal Bahraini Army during protests against the Bahraini government in March, 2012.

Doctors in Thailand, an interal part of ‘elite’ domination and predominantly supporters of the Royal Thai Army massacre of Thais in 2010, don’t need to be told whom not to treat : they have refused to treat police attempting to control lawless groups seeking the overthrow of the elected government of Thailand and have refused to treat patients on the basis of presumed political affiliation with parties in opposition to the coup appointed, unelected government.

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