unspeakable and inhuman brutality


Hey! Hey! Obama-fay! How many kids didja kill today?

Houla massacre ‘indiscriminate and unforgivable’ – UN mission chief

A team of UN observers that arrived in Houla to investigate the killings have confirmed at least 90 casualties, including 32 children under the age of 10 and dozens of women. UN mission head Maj-Gen Robert Mood said the killing in Houla was “indiscriminate and unforgivable,” and called on both government forces and the opposition to immediately stop the violence “in all its forms.”

The White House also vehemently condemned the Houla massacre. National Security Council spokesperson Erin Pelton said the attacks serve as a “vile testament to an illegitimate regime.” The White House stated that the Syrian government responds to peaceful political protest “with unspeakable and inhuman brutality.”

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned the attack “in the strongest possible terms” and demanded that the perpetrators be identified and held to account.

“The United States will work with the international community to intensify our pressure on Assad and his cronies, whose rule by murder and fear must come to an end,” she said.

Oops, wrong picture.

Where is the UN when the US and its cronies murder Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis, Libyans, Yemenis … men, women, and children … Americans, too! “with unspeakable and inhuman brutality”?

Vile hypocrites. Stooges for the US and the West and the 1% and its Wehrmacht. The same Wehrmacht which started this vile civil war in Syria and is about to start what may be much more than it bargained for in Iran?

Hey! Hey! Obama-fay! How many kids didja kill today?

28 May

At least six, apparently. And their parents.

Afghan family ‘killed’ in NATO airstrike

Rohullah Samon, a spokesman for the Paktia provincial government, said on Sunday that a man, a woman and their six children were killed in a coalition airstrike at 8pm local time (15:00 GMT) in Suri Khail village of Gurda Saria district.

“This man had no connection to the Taliban or any other terrorist group,” Samon told the AFP news agency, naming the man as Mohammad Shafi.

“Shafi was not a Taliban. He was not in any opposition group against the government. He was a villager,” Samon said. “Right now, we are working on this case to find out the ages of their children and how many of them are boys and girls.”

Al Jazeera, one of Obama’s newest properties, puts the killed in quotes to remind us that it’s not really killing when Obama does it. It’s spreading democracy … and, oh yeah, peace, of course. Barack the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate slash Assassin in Chief Obama never tires of spreading peace, either. You’ll just never see it comin’.

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2 Responses to unspeakable and inhuman brutality

  1. charlie says:

    Oh yes, the White House “condemns” the slaughter of the children and other innocents. Oh, really? In what war do they do so? Surely NOT in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Palestine/Gaza/West Bank. So, where exactly DO they “condemn” the killings? Oh! I see now. In Syria, when they can blame Assad. Why, sure! That “works”. NOT!
    The hypocrisy is getting past “eye-ball deep” here in the old US of A. Well, it IS Memorial Day weekend so sure, drag out the big BS spreader and spread it all around. Who buys this crap? Only the war lovers I think.
    On the US Memorial Day, please check “TomDispatch” for his look at this “holiday”. It is well worth the time.
    Holiday—-holy day? Hmmm, looks like religion sticks itself into more and more. No, I did not just see this, I just felt the “need” to comment on it just now.
    Keep holding them accountable John. If we all try our best, we just might finally end the damn fool wars of choice.

  2. jfl says:

    I checked “TomDispatch”, Charlie. I had seen it, but hadn’t read it. The two broad classes of Americans, in terms of effect, and the Afghan “war” : the forgettors and the forgotten. The American men – and women, too, now I suppose – who are killed, wounded, maimed, destroyed by the Afghan “war”; and the American men and women, like myself, who (try to) forget them, and who thus enable the war to continue, to consume more of them – more of us. Not to mention the Afghans.

    That’s why I was struck cold by the black step. It tells a story I could not imagine by myself, of exactly the kind of ongoing destruction here in America that all of us forgettors are trying to forget. That’s just “our” side – but this is really a one-sided “war”. If we stopped, it’d end instantly.

    Our country has nothing but problems. Remembering the Americans being destroyed by the Afghan “war” and so ending it, in atonement with them, can have nothing but a salutory effect on all our other problems.

    We gotta start somewhere, we need to start here. Why not “remember” that Barack Obama is killing Americans, too, everyday?

    Hey! Hey! Obama-fay! How many GIs didja kill today?

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