Last chance for Americans to shut down Obama’s aggressive presidential wars

Power-drunk presidential aggressor, murderer of women and children, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Israeli stooge, the POTUS, Barack Obama

US: ‘Last Chance’ for Iran to Shut Down Civilian Nuclear Program

Making sure that the level of demands that they are issuing are so high that Iran cannot possibly meet them, US officials today said that the upcoming Turkey meeting is Iran’s “last chance” to abandon its entire civilian nuclear program, shut down all enrichment facilities and “surrender” all of their nuclear fuel to the West.

The demands are much broader than anything US officials ever indicated they would seek earlier, but were in keeping with those that Israeli officials have recently been pushing for, particularly the demand that Iran simply give their nuclear fuel to the West as some sort of bribe for not being attacked.

Under Iran’s IAEA safeguards agreement, they would be under no obligation to do any of these things.

But the IAEA, all international law, are ‘quaint’ and irrelevant to a power mad, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate slash War Criminal Assassin, Murderer of helpless Women and Children like the puppet drone, Barck Obama.

Israel, having developed nuclear weapons of its own decades ago with the help of the US, never signed the nuclear non-proliferation accords for, like the US, they are exceptional… on a Mission from God to kill the infidel and Lord it over His creation. Democratically, of course.

So, what are we going to do… sit here glued to TV and cheer for ‘our side’ in the upcoming Mother of All Israeli/American Mideast Aggressions?

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