Nothing is worth clinging to

Nothing is worth clinging to...

Not only is no one in the Shinawatra II Regime standing up for the people about to be inundated to greater depths for longer periods during the next flood season by the compradors of ‘foreign investment’…

Estates say dykes are a must to restore faith

Mr Thavich, also secretary of the Industrial Estate Association, said an environmental impact assessment (EIA) has been carried out in parallel with construction, updating the one conducted when the estates were built.

“To do a new EIA for the dyke, it takes about six months to complete and another month for concerned agencies to look at it,” he said.

Industry Minister M.R. Pongsvas Svasti said the ministry helped the private sector prepare the EIA from the start to make sure it was up to standard.

…but Shinawatra II is aiding and abetting these efforts of ‘foreign investment’ by writing a bogus EIA for their compradors in Central Thailand!

Flood barriers necessary for now

In order to convince the court to do as it requests, the association will have to prove beyond doubt that the flood barriers will cause the kind of damage it claims.

Unsurprisingly the local PR outfit on permanent retainer by ‘foreign investment’, that would be the Bangkok Post, pipes up with the same bogus claim made by the Royal Thai Kourts in all ‘adjudications’… Guilty ’til Proven Innocent!

What’s the difference between having to prove one’s innocence in say, a lese majeste case, and having to prove one will be harmed by alterations made to the existing environmental commons by private parties?

Surely the government must prove guilt in the one case and industry prove its actions will not harm ordinary citizens in the other.

This government is consistently on the wrong side of the struggle for human rights… and on the wrong side of the environmental ‘situation’ in Central Thailand. The solution is for industry and settlement to withdraw from the areas being made uninhabitable by rising seas and sinking land… or for people to accomodate themselves to living in the wetlands. Their forebearers did, and very nicely.

Learn to adapt, learn to change. Nothing is permanent, nothing is worth clinging to. In fact Buddhadasa Bhikku outlined a form of dhammic socialism he claimed would bring society in line with nature.

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