The US, Israel, Thailand, the Arab oil states… puppets and puppeteers

The US occupied portion of Cuba at Quantanamo

Guantanamo detainee makes plea deal with US

A Pakistani national has pleaded guilty to five charges related to terrorism, murder, conspiracy and spying, reaching a plea deal with the US government that limits his prison sentence.

Khan would get credit for time served until his sentencing but not for the nine years he has already been in custody.

Khan, who moved to the US state of Maryland with his family in 1996, allegedly traveled in 2002 to Pakistan, where he was introduced to Mohammed as someone who could help al-Qaeda because of his fluent English and familiarity with the US.

Khan later travelled with his wife to Thailand, where he allegedly delivered $50,000 to the Southeast Asian group, Jemaah Islamiyah, which is considered a “terrorist organisation” by the US, to help fund the 2003 suicide bombing of the Marriott hotel in Jakarta. The attack killed 11 people and wounded at least 81 others.

Khan is the seventh Guantanamo prisoner to be convicted of war crimes and he is considered the most significant. He is the first prisoner who was held in clandestine CIA custody overseas, where prisoners endured harsh treatment that lawyers and human rights groups have labeled torture.

The US-Thai Axis of Injustice that, among its other perhaps more egregious crimes, keeps our American brother, Joe Gordon, in prison in Thailand for a non-crime ‘committed’ in America.

Re-read that report above… they’ve held this guy for 9 years without trial and now they’ve broken him… now no trial… just the sentence. And the dead time he’s been held already… 9 years… doesn’t even count. For ‘alleged’ crimes… in Thailand.

Sick, sick, sick. The US, Israel, Thailand, the Arab oil states… puppeteer and puppets. Although at times it’s hard to discover which is the puppet and which the puppeteer. The ‘elite’ in each working toward its own imagined best interests and the world’s peoples be damned.

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