The brutal ‘communist’ plutocratic dictatorship in the PRC

21 December

Wukan: China’s Rebel Village

Chinese village protest gains wide support

Villagers in Wukan village protest the expropriation of their community lands by corrupt Cinese Communist Party officials. The brutal regime has surrounded the village and cut off food and water to its inhabitants.

It is not only in the Arab World, in Greece and Europe, and even in the USA that the people are being pushed to the wall by the brutality of the 1%. In the Plutocrats’ Republic of China the people, the 99%, are ripe for revolution against the brutal and corrupt 1% : the Chinese Communist Party, who have embraced wide-open capitalism and are destroying the lives and livelihoods of the children of the revolution.

Police besiege village land protest in China

Demonstrations initially erupted in September over the Wukan Communist Party committee’s corrupt deals with one of China’s largest developers, Country Garden, to sell collectively-owned lands for commercial development. Farmers overturned police vehicles and besieged government offices. In November, another protest by 4,000 people demanded the return of the lands, the punishment of corrupt officials, and for the village’s financial records to be made public. The crowd was dispersed by police using teargas.

A petition originally planned to start on December 12 was postponed due to the death of Xue Jinbo, one of the five people who was detained on suspicion of leading the demonstrations in September. Xue died last Sunday, after being detained by the police for three days. Although the local Lufeng government insisted he died of heart failure, relatives who saw his body maintained that he was tortured to death.

The huge police mobilisation against a community of just 20,000 people is not simply a decision carried out by authorities at the township, municipal or even provincial levels. The propaganda being used to vilify the protesters suggests the direct involvement of Beijing.

Yu Jiangrong of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences told the Wall Street Journal that 65 percent of “mass incidents” or protests since 1990 in rural areas involved land disputes. Yu estimated that local governments have seized 16.6 million acres of rural land and deprived farmers of $340 billion in compensation, because local governments often pay much less than the market price. Wukan villagers, for instance, allege that local CCP officials sold the land for one billion yuan and pocketed 70 percent of sum before putting the rest in the village fund.

The Wukan protest is a symptom of the growing class tensions throughout rural areas, as a result of CCP regime’s policy of capitalist restoration over the past three decades. While a thin layer of the peasantry has enriched itself and become a new rural bourgeoisie, the vast majority of people have been reduced to poverty, forcing millions into the factories as cheap labour.

The Wukan rebellion is a sign that, like the working class, the oppressed rural masses are being driven into a political confrontation with the CCP police-state. Unlike the protests in 1989, when the peasantry was largely passive, a movement of urban workers now would quickly meet up with mass discontent in the countryside—a situation that terrifies the regime.

As in Thailand and the US the people protesting and especially their leaders are being tortured and murdered by the brutal, plutocratic regime. China now has many more billionaires than the USA.

Hurun Report publisher Rupert Hoogewerf, a British accountant who used to compile the list for the US-based Forbes magazine, stated that “you can double the real number of billionaires in China to near 600” by including the “invisible billionaires.”

While Hoogewerf did not elaborate on the taboo subject of “invisible billionaires”, it is widely known in China that the term refers to the children and spouses of top Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders. This layer has amassed huge wealth through corrupt and semi-criminal methods, including the use of their political connections…

The problem is really the same the world around : the greedy and ruthless appropriating their nations’ wealth for themselves, destroying the lives and livelihoods of the nations’ citizens, the world-wide economy, and the planetary environment all at the same time in the process.

We are many and they are few.

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