Where were the idiots from the Puea Thai party?

House passes Public Gathering Bill

The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed the Public Gathering Bill in the third reading with a vote of 217-8 with 41 abstentions and six “no votes”.

There are currently 474 MPs in the House of Representatives and at least 237 MPs are required to make a quorum.

A provision of the bill, as altered by the House of Representatives from the original draft, requires the organiser of a public gathering to seek permission from the head of the local police station 24 hours in advance of the starting time.

474 – (217+8) = 249

Where were the Puea Thai party when the putsch revoked their right of assembly?

Perhaps it is the UDD’s right of assembly that Puea Thai is abrogating. Thaksin has recently been reminding us all of what a retrograde regime we will be up against in the event of Puea Thai’s victory at the polls.

No rest for the weary, still living. Eternal rest for the dead.

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One Response to Where were the idiots from the Puea Thai party?

  1. Simon says:

    Said it before, Ill say it again. PTP is the same cornflakes in a different box. Same ole same ole.

    How do we know this? Because they are Thai. Venal, unprincipled, grasping, with but a few decent folk sprinkled around like frosting on a very corrupt cake.

    The future lies in organised civil disobedience and wait for the man at the top to exit stage right. Thats the game-changer. Thats when the eyes will open, when the shit put there by decades of insidious and all-pervasive propaganda is swept out of them.

    Bleak? Yes. True? I believe so.

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