The bases are loaded

PPT asks Whose finger on the trigger?

[A] Puea Thai-led administration may have more than a few scores to settle. One of them is to remove any standing legacy of the 2006 coup and, if that is true, Gen Prayuth could be shown the door if the party makes its way into Government House.

Despite assurances by Gen Prayuth that he would not resist being transferred, the fact remains that he is in firm control of the military. Also, his subordinates in key army posts would not let their superior be removed because if they did, then one day they could be shifted too.

A military coup is therefore a possibility that cannot be discounted.

An army source said Puea Thai or a next prime minister from Puea Thai should know enough not to create the conditions for a coup.


A coup can smash and grab power and rip up the Thai Constitution, but an elected government cannot undo the damage done by a coup.

The person in firm control of the military is in firm control of Thailand.

The military as an institution will resist relinquishing control of Thailand.

Therefore the military will coup if an elected government challenges them.

An elected government should know better than to challenge the military for control of Thailand.

Bunk. Pure bunk. That is exactly what must be challenged! There must be a peoples’ coup and the Thai military escorted to the ashheap of Thai history. Go Puea Thai! Go Thailand! Go Thai people! Crush the putsch in the election! Decapitate the military thereafter! Take control of Thailand for the Thai people!

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