To protect and to serve

Mr Walker is Scott Walker, a so-called tea-party candidate backed by millions of dollars in campaign contributions from the Koch brothers, two reactionary American plutocrats, elected governor by the Wisconsin lumpen.

Having shipped most good-paying American jobs to China, India, and other points outside the US the only pickings left for the reactionary, neoliberal right is privatizing government services, and so their present battle is to break the unions representing public workers in the US. Using a 137 million dollar budget shortfall as his excuse, that is exactly what Scott Walker has set out to do.

It looks as though the American middle class have finally realized that, having come for Blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, and the white working class, the neoliberal plutocrats and corporate class in America have now come for them. It is gratifying to listen to this cop’s speech… he’s suddenly seen the light! Or so he claims.

This is what has to happen the world around to all of those who oppress their brothers and sisters, working for “the man”.

It’s a sad comment on human affairs that those working for the man will only recognize the humanity of those they’re nominally sworn to ‘protect and serve’ when they themselves have become the target of the man’s oppression.

It’s time the Thai military and police rank-and-file woke up to the same realization and decided to stick with their brothers and sisters against their common oppressors in the officer class and the amat.

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