The DSI’s remit is to protect the guilty

Hiroyuki Muramoto

Hiroyuki Muramoto

DSI changes ruling on cameraman’s death

The army is breathing a sigh of relief after a Department of Special Investigation (DSI) report concluded troops were not responsible for the death of a Japanese cameraman during last year’s red shirt protests.

There’s more. The ‘forensic science’… bullshit. The DSI’s remit is to protect the guilty.

That is the remit of every arm of the ‘justice system’ in Thailand – the Royal Thai Police, the DSI, the Kourts – make sure The Regime, above all the murderous Thai military, is immune.

No matter what they do. No matter who they murder.

This is a film made by al Jazeera and broadcast on 20 January 2011, Thailand’s tropical gulag.

It seems clear that Sulaiman was tortured, if it cannot be proven that he was murdered by the Thai military. At the end of the video, at about 19:15 minutes, the case of the Kesang family is reviewed.

I do not think it is generally known that Buddhist wats are used as torture centers in the South of Thailand. That Buddhist wats are the places where the military tortures and murders ‘suspected’ insurgents.

It’s hard to imagine the situation in South Thailand in worse hands than it is now, in the hands of the Thai military. In fact all of Thailand is now in the hands of the military. It is hard to imagine Thailand in worse hands than the hands it is in today.

Junya’s list of political assassinations, extra-judicial killings and murders

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