Round-up Ready regulators

Round-up Ready worldMonsanto is in the agribiz. It manufactures and sells herbicides and pesticides and now is ‘making a killing’ on genetically modified (GM) crops, resistant to its herbicides and pesticides, which in turn ensure the sale of more and more of its herbicides and pesticides, applied at ever greater rates to fields of its GM, Round-up Ready crops.

How can Monsanto possibly get the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to allow it to market its Franken-crops and its concomitant strategy of saturation poisoning of US cropland?

It has bought, perhaps ‘genetically-modified’ is the apt term, the regulation process in a way not dissimilar to its modifications of crop DNA. The result is regulators resistant to, nay! who thrive on, the company’s poisonous propaganda, put forth as science, while the voices of bona fide scientists, farmers, and consumers are stilled, and lie poisoned in the field.

E-mails uncovered by a lawsuit, filed by the Center for Food Safety (CFS) and concerned farmers challenging the USDA’s decision to approve Round-up Ready alfalfa in 2005, and subsequently made public show bald-faced collusion between Monsanto and its ‘regulators’ at the USDA.

Why Monsanto Always Wins

[Monsanto regulatory officer Glen] Rogan asked [USDA reviewer Virgil] Meier to consult his boss and colleagues about the possibility of Monsanto assisting in the assessment because it would be “precedent setting.” Meier, who was in charge of writing the [environmental assessment] EA, accepted Monsanto’s help and said he would “cut and paste” information right from petition into the EA:

If you are willing to provide assistance with the EA, I would appreciate it. At this time, no one has voiced concern with this so I am assuming that there is no problem. In a related matter, because I am supposed to write the EA, I would appreciate receiving an electronic copy of the petition (Word?) so I can do cut and paste which I think will speed up the completion of the EA.

The US government is corporate, and corrupt to the core. And it is not the only corporate, corrupt government on our planet.

On 16 January, Don Huber of Purdue University in Indiana, America’s agricultural heartland, sent a letter to the USDA expressing his concerns at having found a hitherto unknown, pathological microorganism tied to both plant and animal diseases that is found in great numbers in crops treated with glyphosphates (Round-up) and associated with Round-up Ready crops.

The response of the USDA? It granted Monsanto an unrestricted license to market Round-up Ready alfalfa!

Monsanto’s reach is world wide. Back when the utterly ineffectual Anand Commission on Toxic Industrial Practices requiring Health Impact Assessments (HIAs) and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) was overlooking – rather than overseeing – such matters, the very first Industrial Practice it dropped from consideration was Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)! Before they even sent their recommendations to The Regime, which promptly trashed them anyway.

The American agricultural model is dysfunctional and unsustainable.

We should not have to pay so much attention to all of this. We have government agencies whose jobs are to spend all their time making sure these sort of monstrous threats to public health and safety are met and thwarted.

But our government agencies have sold us out. They are bought-up by the neoliberal-capitalist juggernaut which is working literally night and day pursuing what invariably turns out to be the smallest possible profits for the smallest possible number, and doing their very best to make our earth uninhabitable in the process.

Adoption of genetically engineered crops in the US

So it is up to ourselves to concern ourselves with our own futures, to ‘fix what’s broke’, and to restructure our governments to make it much easier to rein in our corrupt governments, for they will always tend toward corruption, before such monstrous damage can again be done in future.

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