Unprincipled opportunists… Puea Thai are morons as well?

Lese majeste dominates debate on govt’s performance

“You appear as if you are leading a crackdown against those defaming the institution but in the end, those who violate it are people on your side,” he [Jatuporn] said. “Or is it that your people can defame [the monarchy] while others can’t?”

Jatuporn also accused the government of not doing anything to block the website of the London-based newspaper The Guardian, claiming “millions” read the cable in its online report.

This is sick…

  1. It’s stupid!

    The correct position is “NO to 112″. This would have been the perfect opportunity to point out the complete emptiness of lèse majesté charges. Lèse majesté is a scam : political persecution by whomever wields the stick. No prosecutions for lèse majesté.

…and wrong

  1. Puea Thai tacking this tack dissipates its own faint aura of legitimacy and ‘validates’ the utterly illegitimate narrative The Regime has been pushing for, lo, these 79 years!
  2. Once Puea Thai has hopped into the same ring as The Regime they’re dead ducks… with Abhisit – of all people! – chiding Jatuporn for suggesting censorship.

So, I guess as well as being unprincipled opportunists, Puea Thai are morons as well. Or else Jatuporn has taken the money and a dive… again. I’m afraid he purposefully snatched defeat from the jaws of victory at Ratchaprasong in May, that he has red shirts’ blood on his hands already, that he is now adding insult to injury.

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